Tying those loose ends

Posted by Rien | Whats New | Tuesday 28 July 2015 2:53 pm

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience. Although our site is now back up and running, we are still tying those loose ends.  There are still some things within our online store that we need to work on. As for right now, you no longer need to log into our site with an account to make purchases. You can just hit add to cart and your items will be redirected to paypal’s secured page shopping cart. You can also go back to add more items as the paypal page is opened in another window. This will be our feature for now until we make other adjustments. The older shopping layout was a huge pain and now that we have configured another storefront, this one feels a lot better.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us riensoaps@gmail.com

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New natural handmade soaps coming soon

Posted by Rien | Whats New | Sunday 15 March 2015 10:52 pm

Hi everyone and if you are new, welcome to our shop and blog. We are excited about our new natural handmade soaps that we’ve got coming soon. Have you visited our natural soap shop? If not, you should because there are some amazing goodies listed that will be available as soon as they are ready to go. We have created more soaps especially for your skin type and have listed them in categories. You may find our new tea tree lavender soap for acne or our dry and sensitive skin type soaps such as cucumber aloe vera soap made especially for your skin type. Right now they are curing and will need an additional three to four more weeks to cure.

As you know we have recently changed the look of our handmade soap bars by making them thick and chunky. They are 8 ounces in weight. Many of our regulars are already in love with them. You can read our wonderful reviews on our shop to see just how much they adore the new size bars.

That’s not all, there are a few more new types of soaps that we have available but we will post them when they are ready to go. All bars will also come with new packaging that can be perfect to give our bars out as gifts.

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New natural soap cutting appearance

Posted by Rien | Whats New | Tuesday 17 February 2015 2:14 am

Hi everyone, we have some good and bad news. First the bad news; we have thought long and hard on the appearance of our natural soaps and have come to a decision on changing our signature look. We have decided that maybe a change is best as we have always adorn the traditional look of square easy to hold soap bars. So as of January 2015 our soaps will now be cut into thick square sizes as this is better suited for our production as well as wholesale.

The good news: Why change the look of our soaps? Well first and foremost, they are easier to hold while using and the new size soaps are better to wrap and package for you. For the most part, these thick size bars will last a lot longer in our bath than our older cut sized soaps and that I know you will love. The downside, we know many of our friends and customers love the look and top texture that we had before. Yes, I’m going to miss playing around with the top of our soaps to get the creamy look in appearance but I have always felt that it was difficult to wrap and hold the bar when I would use it for myself. I knew sooner or later I was going to make this change.

So from now on, expect to receive larger thick square sized bars coming to you. All soaps will still have the same natural ingredients and moisturizing benefits as before. The only thing will change is the look and appearance of them.

I hope you enjoy them because we do already….

You will notice a huge update on our shop as we will be adding new soap scents soon. Please bare with us.

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