Shea Butter versus Cocoa Butter for Skin

Posted by Rien | Unscented soap | Thursday 9 January 2014 7:02 am

Shea butter versus cocoa butter for skin is often compared since these two are popular ingredients in most skin care products. These two organic products are known to be effective moisturizers and each has proven to be useful to the skin.

Despite the benefits, it is still important to know the difference between Shea butter versus cocoa butter for skin to know whether it will benefit your skin type or not.

Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the karite tree while cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is a popular moisturizer that has been used for many years. These two ingredients are known to have moisturizing properties. Both of them have fatty acids that help in promoting skin moisture and improve the skins elasticity. Because of the moisturizing properties, it is a common choice for people with psoriasis and eczema.

Cocoa butter has a good smell, making it popular among women. Real cocoa butter will have a sweet scent of rich chocolate. It is also commonly used for aromatherapy aside from being a good skin moisturizer. On the other hand, Shea butter doesn’t have the same fragrance as cocoa butter though it has similar moisturizing properties.

For people with dermatitis, you can greatly benefit from a natural handmade soap that contains cocoa butter. This is because its component can help in soothing dermatitis and skin rashes.

If you want protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays, Shea butter is a good option. This ingredient contains a component that can help in protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it also has cinnamic acid with is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

People with stretch marks can use natural soap that contains cocoa butter. Because of the moisturizing properties of cocoa butter, it can help in improving the skins natural elasticity; hence, reducing the formation of stretch marks.

Acne prone skin can greatly benefit from Shea butter because it doesn’t clog the pores. If you use a natural handmade soap that has Shea butter, your skin will be clean and moisturized but your pores will not be clogged. It also has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria before it can cause acne.

Both shea butter and cocoa butter are good for the skin. These two natural ingredients have numerous benefits depending on your skin type and needs. Choosing natural over synthetic skin care products is a wise decision to make if you really care about your skins well-being. This is why we have added shea butter to all of our handmade soap bars. If you’re seeking to achieve beautiful smooth skin, shea butter or cocoa butter soaps are your best bet. It can benefit people with normal and fair skin a great deal.

If you have sensitive skin and you aren’t allergic to certain natural butters, try one of our shea butter olive oil soaps on our shop!


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