Natural Fragrance Free Soap for Sensitive Skin

Posted by Rien | Sensitive skin | Friday 15 May 2015 3:06 pm

If you’re seeking natural fragrance free soap for sensitive skin, we have great news for you. We have formulated many great soaps just for your skin type.

We know that people with sensitive skin are not able to just use any products to wash their faces, as there are many ingredients in cleansing products and soap that contain harsh properties that will lead to redness and irritation. The best soap for delicate skin should really be free of fragrance, additives and unnatural coloring. Shea Butter soaps are the perfect natural fragrance free soap for sensitive skin because it purifies and moisturizes dehydrated skin with no fragrance what so ever. Our Goat Milk Soaps are also considered the best soap for sensitive skin with its organic ingredients like olive oil, fresh goat milk and shea butter. Our Goat Milk Soap is made with all natural ingredients and is super hydrating with all the organic ingredients added, it can help restore your skin to uplift, restore, your vibrant appearance. The shea butter can help with stretch marks and aid in aging skin. Use it as a daily soap to help skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin. This soap is loaded with colloidal oats to help alleviate and exfoliate irritated dry skin. The creamy goats milk is packed with nutrients and vitamins added. It can minimize skin inflammation and will sooth dry damage skin giving off an anti-inflammatory benefit.

Our Shea Butter soaps are also made with all natural ingredients. We have added extra shea butter within these bars. The soaps are so simplified and excellent for sensitive, dry, to normal skin and any person can use these because they are indeed natural fragrance free soap for sensitive skin. They are one of our top selling natural soap bars. Using it often can help in decreasing scars and deep spots. Shea butter is rich in Vitamins A, E, F and is known for its significant hydrating properties. This all natural shea butter and olive oil soap is great for dry, cracking skin. The two added together are a good benefit for you if you have sensitive skin. We highly recommend trying one of these luxurious creamy soaps.

When browsing for the top natural fragrance free soap for sensitive skin, you are better off using a bar soap than a solution soap. Many liquid form soaps have a habit to leave a film behind on skin, which often results in clogged pores of the skin and further breakouts. Our Lavender Oatmeal and Madagascar Vanilla Soap are also both advised because they are delicate on skin but offer deep cleansing properties at the same time. Although they are made with essential oils, they are still very gentle on the body. In addition to using the best natural fragrance free soap for sensitive skin, you also want to look into good cosmetics that serve the exact same purpose. It’s ideal to use all natural perfume free makeup as well.

So for Natural Fragrance Free Soap for Sensitive Skin, choose from the following great skin moisturizing soaps from our shop.


Goat Milk Soap

Shea Butter Olive Oil Soap

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Cucumber Aloe Vera Soap

Posted by Rien | Sensitive skin | Thursday 24 July 2014 3:54 am
Cucumber Aloe Vera Soap is ready to be shipped!
This soap was a request from a dear friend of mine. The Cucumber Aloe Vera Soap is made with real cucumbers and aloe vera gel right from our own grown plants. We even added raw honey in these bars to hydrate your skin. If you’re looking for something soothing, try this one. It is great for sensitive or damaged skin.
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Handmade sensitive skin soaps

Posted by Rien | Sensitive skin | Monday 10 March 2014 9:39 pm

We have dedicated our site to offer all natural handmade sensitive skin soaps for you. We know how crucial it is to find the perfect bath and body products for dry skin or people with eczema. We are offering natural fragrance free handmade soap for sensitive skin. Our soaps are free of chemical and contain no parabens, no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES), and no phthalates.

If you suffer from eczema, sensitive skin, or severely dry skin, I feel your frustration. My recommendation to you is to use all natural products and preferably unscented natural or handmade sensitive skin soaps for your skin. Many synthetic fragrances found in soaps can also cause irritation which is why it is highly important to choose products that do not contain any artificial scents.

We have created a variety of handmade sensitive skin soaps using 100% vegetable oils and butters. We try to make our bars as mild as possible carefully incorporating our ingredients making sure it does not strip the skin of its natural oils. This is one reason why natural is so much better than those soaps from commercial companies which use those synthetic ingredients like SLS to make their soaps appear highly bubbly. Those bars will in fact remove the natural moisture from your skin which causes your skin to feel itchy and irritated.

Try our handmade sensitive skin soaps

Retail produced soaps are made with low-cost skin oils that include negligible healthy skin care rewards. Our stock of handmade sensitive skin soaps tend to be rich in glycerin, aiding as a natural skin moisturizer that is developed during the soap making method. This is the key ingredient that our skin needs in the soaps to help keep our skin moisturized. One reason why commercial soaps are drying is because the glycerin is often removed so that it may be marketed independently to other venders. Instead of maintaining the glycerin during the soap making process, the venders will add those harsh chemicals, preservatives, fillers and detergents to replace the natural glycerin.


Our handmade sensitive skin soaps are 100% natural that employ a loaded rich and creamy lather to clean and provide moisture for your skin. As you now, not everyone has the same type of skin which is why we offer a variety in unscented soaps that do not contain any harsh chemicals that often cause irritation. Our favorite unscented soaps for sensitive skin include goat milk soap, coconut milk soaps, honey oats, lavender, olive and shea butter plus so much more. These bars are mild on the skin and are recommended if you have some serious sensitivity. We made sure to use pure vegetable oils to nourish your skin.

You can take a quick visit to our shop and pick out the soaps you’d like according to your preference. We also offer handmade essential oil soaps for normal to oily skin individuals.

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