Uses and Benefits of Lavender Handmade Soap

Posted by Rien | Oily Skin | Monday 17 February 2014 5:41 am

In the field of alternative medicine, the use of essential oils for the treatment of various conditions is quite popular. Indeed, it has even branched out to a specific treatment approach called aromatherapy. These essential oils are fragrant because they are highly concentrated. The fragrance given by these oils are beneficial in relaxation therapies but the oil itself provides numerous health benefits as well. This is the reason why essential oils such as the oil extracted from the lavender plant are often used as ingredients for various organic products like handmade soap.

Generally speaking, there are many uses and benefits of lavender handmade soap. The lavender essential oil can soothe and calm your feeling while you are using the soap and ensuring that your skin is clean, smooth, and healthy.

If you are tired from working all day and you would like to relax, showering with a lavender handmade soap will definitely help in relieving stress and providing comfort. The calming effect of the lavender oil can help in relieving depression, anxiety, and even headaches. Therefore, most people would use this soap before bed time to make them feel relaxed and comfortable after working all day.

Aside from providing comfort and relaxation, lavender natural soap also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from any skin inflammations such as burns, cuts, scabies, or dermatitis, using an organic soap with lavender oil would be beneficial. It also has some anti-bacterial properties which makes it useful for treating bacterial skin infections.

Acne is one of the common skin problems that are due to bacterial infections. Usually, acne is also associated with sensitive skin so it is hard to find a treatment that will not cause rashes, redness, or further skin irritations. With lavender soap, you will be able to treat your acne naturally without causing skin irritations. Lavender soap also contains other natural ingredients that will maintain your skins natural moisture, remove the dead skin cells and excess sebum or oils, and keep your skin clean and smooth.

Choosing an organic skin care product such as handmade soap will be beneficial to your skin and to your overall well-being. Because it is made with natural ingredients, you are assured that it doesn’t contain any harsh synthetic chemicals. It will not cause skin irritations especially if you have sensitive skin. Rather than using commercial soaps, it is best to use natural soaps for your daily skin care regimen.

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