Pink Grapefruit soap is ready to be shipped

Posted by Rien | Citrus soaps | Saturday 19 July 2014 1:51 am

Pink Grapefruit soap is ready to be shipped

New to our soap shop, pink grapefruit. She’s sweet, tangy and doesn’t over power you. She is now ready to be shipped at our soap shop.

If you haven’t seen our newest soap scents, visit our shop today :)

Pinkgrapefruit Soap (new)

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Benefits of Clove Essential Oil Soap for Skin

Posted by Rien | Citrus soaps | Friday 7 February 2014 6:08 pm

Natural soaps are becoming popular nowadays because of the health benefits that can be obtained from using natural products. Clove Essential Oil Soap for Skin are also a huge advantage.

Orange Clove essential oil handmade soap – visit our soap shop for more details

Clove essential oil is one of the ingredients that are commonly added in organic skin care products such as soaps. Clove is a tree that produces a flower bud. This flower bud has numerous medicinal benefits, which is why it is popular in the field of alternative medicine. This essential oil has been used centuries ago particularly in the Chinese civilization.

In the modern times, the oil from clove flower bud is even added as an ingredient for organic soaps. Some benefits of clove essential oil soap for skin include antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. Due to the antiseptic properties of this concentrated oil, it is beneficial for cuts, scabies, wound, bruises, fungal infections such as athletes foot, prickly heat, and many other skin infections.

Athletes foot can be a very difficult problem because this condition makes your feet very itchy and smelly. While there are commercial products that promise to treat this condition, some products will only worsen the condition and even cause skin irritations.

If you have athletes foot that you wanted to get rid of, you can use an organic soap with clove essential oil. The antiseptic properties found in clove oil can treat the root cause of athletes foot, which is a fungus. By using it every day for your foot hygiene, your skin condition will be treated and your feet will no longer be itchy or smelly. You will also be assured that your skin will not be dry because organic soaps will keep your skin clean but not cause dryness or rashes.

People with acne can also benefit from using a handmade soap with clove oil. Usually, acne is caused by bacteria so using an antibacterial soap made with clove oil would be beneficial. It is best to use an organic soap for the treatment of acne because commercial products might cause redness or further inflammations due to the strong chemicals.

Aside from antibacterial, clove oil also has some rejuvenating properties. If you would like to keep your skin younger looking and free from acne, using organic soap with this ingredient would help you achieve that smooth and fresh looking skin. It can help in reducing the early signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. It can also stimulate the flow of blood to the skin which is beneficial.

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