Benefits of Rice Milk for the Skin

Posted by Rien | Natural handmade soap | Friday 15 August 2014 2:00 pm

Rice milk is known for numerous health benefits but actually there are also a lot of benefits of rice milk for the skin.

Rice milk is quite popular in skin care because of the health benefits that it can provide. If you would take time to look at skin care products, whether commercial or natural handmade soaps, you will often find rice milk as a popular ingredient.

One of the most popular benefits of rice milk for the skin is its whitening effects. If you want a glowing and fairer skin, you can use rice milk regularly on your skin. This will help you to even out your skin tone and lighten your scars and dark spots.

In addition, rice milk can also help in keeping the skin moisturized and prevent dryness. Often, dry skin can cause numerous skin problems. In order to prevent this, you need to keep your skin hydrated and rice milk can help you do that. By using skin care products that contain this ingredient, it will help in sealing the moisture in your skin, keeping it moisturized while also eliminating the excess oil.

If rice milk is mixed with other ingredients such as honey, it can make your skin, glowing and smooth. Usually, this mixture is used on the face to make your face smoother and eliminate the blemishes.

Rice milk is also a perfect body scrub if mixed with chick pea flour or with almond paste. This mixture will help in toning your skin but be sure to use a moisturizer after doing this body scrub because it might cause some skin dryness.

For those who have dark lips and would like to lighten it up, applying rice milk on the skin is actually beneficial. You can re-tone your lips using rice milk and you will be surprised at the effects.

If you have stayed in the sun too much and you are suffering from sun burns, you can relieve yourself by applying rice milk. Usually, it is mixed with turmeric to make it more effective in relieving sun burns and toning the skin.

A natural handmade soap that contains rice milk and other organic ingredients would be beneficial if you would like to use a product that is effective and doesn’t contain chemicals. It would be best to avoid buying commercial skin care products because these contain chemicals that can only worsen any skin problems. We have also formulated a great soap loaded with fresh jasmine rice milk that I think anyone would love.

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This soap is naturally scented with rose, jasmine rice, chai tea herb spices of clove, cinnamon, essential oils and raw honey. It’s great for all normal skin types, even sensitive skin because we formulated it for gentle skin types as well.
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